Fence Wire - Heavy Galvanised


Fence Wire - Heavy Galvanised


Galvanised Wire is wire that has been strengthened by the chemical process of galvanisation. Also known as galvanised iron wire, this wire is strong, non-rusting and more durable than standard wire.

Our Heavily Galvanised Fence Wire is designed for ultimate durability. 

Our wire is available in soft/medium/high tensile strengths to meet your needs.

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Wire Tensile Strength Coil Length Coil Strength Sling Quantity Galv Coating Rec. Tension Breking Strain
2.50mm Medium 1500m 58kg 10 Heavy 1.3kn, 3.7kn
2.50mm High 1500m 58kg 10 Heavy 1.8kn, 4.8kn
2.80mm High 1000m 48kg 10 Heavy 2.0kn, 6.8kn
3.15mm Soft 750m 47kg 10 Heavy 1.2kn, 4.8kn
4.00mm Soft 500m 50kg 10 Heavy 1.8kn, 4.8kn