Collared 'V' Stay Farm Gates

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Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.34.32 pm.png

Collared 'V' Stay Farm Gates


Farm Gates are essential to control your livestock. Therefore, care should be paid to the quality of the gate and its construction.

Our 'V' Stay wire mesh gates are perfect for your needs and are built to last. They are:

- Strong

- Durable

- Fully galvanised

- Quick and easy to install

- Smooth to handle due to no sharp corners/edges

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Nominal (mm & ft) Actual (mm) Stay Type Weight Weld Mesh Nom. (mm)
2400 (8'0") 2390 "V" 20kg 200x100x5
3000 (10'0") 3000 "V" 22kg 200x100x5
3600 (12'0") 3610 "V" 26kg 200x100x5
4200 (14'0") 4220 "V" 31kg 200x100x5
4800 (16'0") 4830 "V" 36kg 200x100x5